TLF AccuraSea 1 Synthetic Seawater Mix 200 Gallon


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At Two Little Fishies the big picture has always been about Little details. That’s why we’ve made a new synthetic seawater mix like no other. We call it AccuraSea1. AccuraSea1 is formulated to simulate natural seawater, and it’s packaged as a plurality of precisely weighed packs. The 200 gallon size consists of 4 bags, each for making 50 gallons. The advantages of this packing are many: You can mix up a batch without ever having to check the salinity. No more back and forth adding salt, mixing, waiting, testing and adjusting until you get it right. Simply put a measured volume of water in the mixing bucket or vat, add the contents of one or more packs depending on the water volume, and you have a precise natural seawater blend. If you’re thinking that’s no big deal, consider this: when a dry salt mix is not carefully blended, one scoop is not precisely the same as another, so unless you use the complete contents of a bag or bucket of salt, each mix you produce may not be the same. Even when the salts are milled to a uniform size and blended homogeneously by the manufacturer, the hygroscopic nature of synthetic salt mixes produces another problem: if you don’t use all the salt mix when you open the package, humidity gets in and reacts with the salts. The reactions can produce insoluble residuals and fundamentally change the formulation. Have you ever had to take a hammer to a salt bucket, or drop a bag of salt to loosen it up because it got hard? The individual packing of AccuraSea1 lets you produce seawater that is the same every time. The way we see it, precision is not a gross concept.

Formulated by Julian Sprung with pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride and high purity anhydrous salts.

Fast dissolving.
At a salinity of S = 35, AccuraSea1 produces the following target parameters: calcium 420 mg/l, magnesium 1300 mg/l, strontium 8 mg/l, potassium 400 mg/l, Alkalinity 8 dKH.

Directions for the 200 gallon Box:

Important Notes: For best results, use the entire contents of a pouch when preparing seawater, do not divide it. Always add AccuraSea1 to water, not the reverse. Put the water in the mixing container first. Never pour dry salt mix into an aquarium with live animals. After AccuraSea1 salt mix is dissolved and thoroughly mixed according to the directions, live animals can be added.

Put 45 US gallons (170 L) of reverse osmosis purified water in a 50 gallon or larger vat. Begin agitating the water with a pump. Open one 50 gallon pouch of AccuraSea1 and add the entire contents to the water a little bit at a time so that it does not pile up on the bottom of the mixing vat. Continue agitating the water until it is clear and there are no undissolved salts. It is ready to use immediately as soon as the water is clear and the temperature is close to the desired temperature for the aquarium. When added to 45 gal (170 L) of water and measured at a final temperature of 25 °C (77 °F) one 50 gallon pouch of AccuraSea1 produces seawater with a salinity of S = 35 (specific gravity of 1.026). Adding more water to the solution will reduce the specific gravity approximately as follows:

+ 5 L for S.G 1.025  or

+ 15 L for S.G. 1.024  or

+ 20 L for S.G. 1.023

Caution: AccuraSea1 is not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of Children. Contact with the dry salt may cause skin or eye irritation. AccuraSea1 gives off heat when it contacts water or wet hands. In case of contact immediately flush skin or eyes with cool water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.