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Sicce’s Pump Clean is completely natural which makes it ideal for cleaning your reef aquarium equipment. Return pumps and powerheads can quickly build up calcium carbonate (limescale) precipitate around moving parts where friction causes heat, and after a while this buildup can cause pumps to slow down or stop entirely. Pump Clean quickly dissolves limescale buildup from water pumps, heaters, and plumbing parts without the use of harsh chemicals that could put your reef tank at risk. Household vinegar is often a cleaning product of choice because of its safety, but the smell is a definite downside and it may take a while to work. Sicce Pump Clean is far superior since you can mix custom solution strengths from the powder and it won’t stink up your entire house when it’s time to do some pump maintenance. 

Take the time to care for your aquarium equipment properly and keep that life-support system running smoothly. Just whip up a batch of Sicce Pump Clean, give your pumps a short soak, rinse, and have them working like new again!

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