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Nymphaea colossea (White/H)

Nymphaea colossea (White/H)

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Water lilies are a group of plants containing about 70 known species. They are either tropical or hardy and grow in water 3 inches to 2 foot deep. The spread is variable from 2 foot to about 20 foot. Larger plants need larger water gardens or ponds. Short ones do well growing in containers. They prefer non-moving water without fountains or currents. Most prefer full sun but some will tolerate some shade. The flowers are showy and usually fragrant with showy lily pads for leaves. Viviparous water lilies form plantlets attached to the mother plant.

'Colossea' is a hardy waterlily with pink to white flowers from early to late summer. It is very well-suited to deep water ponds and naturalization. It is very vigorous, free-flowering and easy to grow. 

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