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Dennerle CO2 QuickTest

Dennerle CO2 QuickTest

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Use the Dennerle CO2 QuickTest to get a visual read on how much dissolved CO2 is in your aquarium. Simply add water to the test tube and shake, then compare to the color chart. Only takes a few seconds to get the results. This kit has two tests. You only have to measure the water, the reagent is already inside of the tube.

  • Easy to Use and Read
  • Tests CO2 Levels in Aquarium
  • Results in Seconds

To test:

  • Fill test tube half full with aquarium water
  • Seal tube with the cap
  • Shake several times until the reagent is dissolved
  • Compare color of solution with the color fields.


Colors based on CO2-content:

Yellow = too much CO2
Yellow-green = much CO2
Green = CO2 ideal 
Green-blue =  little CO2  
Blue = too little CO2

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