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Bucephalandra Godzilla on Lava Stone

Bucephalandra Godzilla on Lava Stone

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Bucephalandra Godzilla features longer leaves with a slight ruffle. This species of Buce is medium-sized and like all other Bucephalandra species, is a great beginner plant for its easy care and beautiful appearance. New leaves sport a reddish to deep brown coloration and when matured, darken. Also a slow grower, this species looks best when attached to hardscape material such as aquarium driftwood or stones. The buce you will receive will be pre-attached to lava rock and all you have to do is place it in your aquarium. It can be grown submerged or emersed and in time will grow quite dense if given the right conditions.

This Buce Godzilla will come pre-attached to a piece of lava stone for you, making it ready to place in your aquarium.

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