Aquatop Venti Desktop Aquarium 5 Gal


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AQUATOP’S VENTI Desktop Aquarium Kit is the perfect small environment for Betta fish, shrimp, or other small freshwater invertebrates. This all glass 5-gallon kit comes complete with dimmable LED lighting, air driven corner filtration, Aquatop's Breza AP-40 air pump, airline tubing, a check valve, gang valve, bio foam for biological filtration, and a replaceable cartridge (part# VDA-02-RC) impregnated with activated carbon for mechanical and chemical filtration.

• All-In-One 5-Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit 
• Integrated Filtration With 2 Easy To Change Cartridges 
• Mechanical, Chemical & Biological Filtration 
• Replaceable Filter Cartridges w/Premium Activated Carbon 
• Air Driven with Breza AP-40 Air Pump Included 
• Bright LED Lighting (dimmable) Included 
• Great for Shrimp, Guppies, Bettas & Other Small Fish

• Small Footprint 5-gallon aquarium 
• Replaceable Cartridges ( part# VDA-02-RC ) x2 
• BREZA AP-40 Air Pump with Check Valve and 2-way Gang Valve
• LED Lighting 
• Tank Lid & Mounting Clip
Vendors: Aquatop