Aquatop Forza Origin Live Nitrifying Bacteria 2oz


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Forza Origin live nitrifying bacteria accelerates the establishment of the bio-filter in newly set up aquariums. The live bacteria start working immediately to provide a safe and healthy environment for your fish without the long wait. Forza Origin can also be used after a water change, when adding new fish or after medicating.
  • Works Immediately
  • Reduces Toxic Ammonia & Nitrite
  • Add Livestock Immediately
  • Proven Formula
  • Prevents New Tank Syndrome
  • Shelf-Stable and No Refrigeration Needed
2 Ounces
Treats 50-gallons

It is simple – to cycle a new aquarium faster you need the right nitrifying bacteria. Not just any bacteria, not enzymes and not chemicals. AquaTop has partnered with a top shelf producer of bacteria to provide you with the right aquarium nitrifying bacteria.
BETTER – AquaTop Forza Origin Bacteria is full of aquarium nitrifying bacteria not sludge degrading bacteria, enzymes or chemicals. It contains the right nitrifying bacteria to cycle your aquarium with unique blends for both Freshwater and Marine aquariums. No enzymes or chemicals that provide little benefit to the cycling process.
FASTER – AquaTop Forza Origin Bacteria starts to work immediately to reduce toxic ammonia and nitrite.
No need to wait -- add ammonia or a few hardy fish to start the cycling process.
EASIER – AquaTop Forza Origin Bacteria only needs to be dosed ONE TIME to work. No need to remember to dose for 7, 8 or more days in a row or make some chemical concoction.

Starting and Cycling Is Easy with AquaTop Liquids
1. Set-up tank, filter and substrate. Add landscaping items and decorations. Fill with water and make sure all the equipment is operating correctly.
2. Add Forza Boost Water Conditioner to the aquarium water (1 teaspoon per 10 gallons) and let circulate for 10 minutes to remove chlorine and chloramine.
3. Add Forza Origin Live Nitrifying Bacteria to the conditioned aquarium water (1 tablespoon per 10 gallons). Make sure to shake the bottle well.
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