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Aquarium Co-Op

Aquarium Co-Op Multi-Test Strips 200ct

Aquarium Co-Op Multi-Test Strips 200ct

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Frequently testing your water quality is one of the keys to successful fishkeeping. We developed Aquarium Co-Op Multi-Test Strips to be fast, comprehensive, and accurate — which makes testing your aquarium water easier than ever. Measure nitrate, nitrite, hardness (GH), buffer (KH), pH, and chlorine levels in just 60 seconds.

This test helps you understand your readings with helpful information and suggestions on the laminated color chart we've included. We created these to make your life easier and save you money when it comes to testing your water.

  • Measures pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, GH, KH, and Chlorine
  • Results in 60 Seconds
  • Laminated Comparison Card

1. Holding the end of the test strip, dip into the aquarium so that all test pads are entirely submerged, and gently swirl the test strip for 3 seconds.

2. Remove the test strip from the aquarium without shaking the test strip. Keep the test strip horizontal for 60 seconds.

3. After 60 seconds, compare results to the color chart. For most accurate results, compare exactly at 60 seconds.

– Each bottle contains 25 or 200 test strips.
– The test strips must stay dry for optimal accuracy. Do not leave the bottle cap off or humidity can affect the results. Keep inside of bottle dry and do not accidentally get the strips wet. Thoroughly dry your hands before grabbing a new test strip.
– Store at room temperature.
– Test strips expire 2 years after production.

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