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Aquarium Co-Op

Aquarium Co-Op Apisto Cave

Aquarium Co-Op Apisto Cave

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The Apistogramma cave is a small terracotta cave with a hole on one side. They are designed for spawning Apistogramma species as well as other dwarf cichlids. Kuhli loaches, shrimp, small plecos and more will also find valuable shelter in this cave. 

The cave itself is made out of natural terracotta clay and is safe for all animals. It is designed to hold up well over time. It has a flat top for easy stacking or to fit nicely within rock structures in your aquarium.

  • Great for Spawning Fish
  • Provides Shelter
  • Made of Natural Materials

Use caution with fish like Clown loaches who like to wedge themselves into tight places. 

Cave measures 2.75 in. wide x 1.5 in. tall

Hole in cave measures about 1 in. in diameter

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