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Innovative Marine

Aqua Gadget MightyJet DC Return Pump Mini

Aqua Gadget MightyJet DC Return Pump Mini

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Innovative marine makes the quietest and most powerful, submersible DC return pumps for our award-winning Fusion, all in one aquariums. That is why we are proud to introduce the Universal MINI Mighty Jet. The smallest Innovative Marine DC return pump to date is made to bring all the amenities of our mighty jet into your AIO aquarium. With dimensions of 1.87” by 2.5” and 3.08” tall, this Mini DC pump will fit and upgrade almost any AIO aquarium.

The MightyJet is super quiet, has a run-dry protection, two different flow modes with 9 different speeds, and a feed mode.

The MightyJet Mini pushes up to 266 gallons per hour, but can be dialed to your preferred flow rate with the equipped controller at the touch of a button. Once you find the setting that is right for you, you can lock it in by holding the down-arrow button, that the controller will display "LC" when set.

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