April 30th, 2022

Event Information

AQUATICON, one of the only premier Freshwater AND Saltwater aquarium shows is kicking off in Knoxville, Tennessee at the enormous Knoxville Expo Center!

Get ready for a massive, fun-filled, educational event that you can bring your whole family to. Our goal is to join the aquarium hobby together, include families, and even focus on the oft-neglected freshwater side of the hobby. We have over 90 booths, filled with some of the biggest names in the hobby.

However, AQUATICON isn't going to be your standard show. With a Youtuber section, speakers, a kids section, inclusive fun events, and so much more, you aren't going to want to miss this!




Check out the Aquaticon Facebook page to keep up with all the hype!


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aquatic marine

Aquaticon is brought to you by Aquatic Marine, the premiere fish store in Knoxville. With hopes of bringing a never-before-seen event to Knoxville, AQUATICON is going to be an all out blast of a time for the whole family!

aquatic marine