The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins


Parrott Aquatic is a family-owned and operated full-service aquarium business providing the very best aquarium installation and maintenance services for tank owners in Knoxville and surrounding East Tennessee area.

The goal of our blog is to discuss any aquarium related subjects while following our Brand Promise to our customers and viewers:

  1. Always use the Golden Rule
  2. Educate our Customers
  3. Make Happy Tanks
  4. Provide the HighestQuality

We promise to our viewers to always use the Golden Rule – online, in-person, as a business and a family. We aim to educate our readers from all aquarium backgrounds and experience levels on any topics relating to aquariums from installation and maintenance to details on its inhabitants. We hope our blog will help our readers keep their tanks happy.

The world needs a lot more peace, color, inspiration, and creativity, and we at Parrott Aquatic believe aquariums are the answer.  Follow us on a journey through the underwater world of aquariums and marine life.


Parrott Aquatic Team


“Just keep swimming.”

Dori, Finding Nemo


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